CLO For a Day

The Learning Manager Workshop with The Learning Manager Simulation*

CLO for Day is a full-day interactive workshop to increase the business acumen of training or HR professionals. In short, the goal is to make them better managers of the learning function so they can deliver greater value to their organizations through increased effectiveness and efficiency. They will learn how to apply business and economic concepts to significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the training function, thereby increasing the return of their company’s investment in learning.

Key topics include:

  • Strategic alignment of learning to the organization’s goals
  • Creation of a Business Plan for Learning
  • The total costs of training, including opportunity costs
  • The economics of learning and selection of optimum program duration
  • The important role of estimates and forecasts
  • Use of Net Benefits and ROI to select the highest value programs and durations
  • Creation and use of scorecards to deliver results
  • Revising the Business Plan and making trade-offs
  • The importance of scale, fixed costs and variable costs

The Learning Manager Simulation is a critical part of the workshop where participants assume the role of CLO and practice what they have learned in a safe environment as well as learn from each other. Given multiple corporate and L&D objectives, and faced with budget and staff constraints, computer-based teams of 3-5 compete to achieve the highest effectiveness and efficiency scores. The full-day simulation has two 90 minute rounds:

  • Round 1:  Create a Business Plan for Learning to support the goals of the organization using the concepts of strategic alignment, business planning, total costs, the economics of learning, estimates and forecasts, net benefits and ROI.
  • Round 2:  Revise the Business Plan for Learning at midyear to deliver planned results using the concepts of scorecards, trade-offs, scale, fixed and variable costs as well as total costs, net benefits and ROI.

The Workshop is intended for learning and HR professionals below the CLO level who manage programs or staff. It is suitable for intact groups or open enrollment. A half-day version is available which includes Round 1 of the simulation and covers the first six topics. For intact groups, a second day can be added to apply the concepts and customize the recommendations to an organization’s particular circumstances.

* The Learning Manager Simulation was jointly developed by Tata Interactive Systems and David Vance