Learning Workshops

Manage Training and Development Workshops

Several workshops are available for intact groups ranging from a half day to two days.

Learning Manager Workshop

This workshop will increase the business acumen of the participants and prepare them to be better managers of learning. They will acquire the knowledge and analytical framework to make better decisions to improve both their effectiveness and efficiency.

The content can be customized but typically includes some or all of the following:

  • Speaking the language of business
  • Strategic alignment of learning to the organization’s goals
  • Development of a compelling business case for the investment in learning
  • Creation of a comprehensive business plan for learning
  • Measurement and evaluation, including calculation of net benefits and ROI
  • Disciplined execution, including the creation and use of scorecards
  • Creation and use of governing bodies like a Board of Governors
  • Discussion and selection of appropriate funding models
  • Discussion and selection of the appropriate organizational structure for learning
  • Creation of a multi-year plan or journey to achieve transformation

Target audience includes all those who manage people or programs in the learning function, especially Program Directors and Senior Managers. The workshop is facilitated by Dave Vance and generally offered in a full-day format.

Price: $5000 for a one-day workshop plus travel & related expenses. Longer workshops are available (1.5 day for $7,500 and 2.0 days for $10,000)

CLO for a Day: Learning Manager Workshop with The Learning Manager Simulation

This workshop combines the key elements from the Learning Manager Workshop with a two-round, three-hour, computer-based simulation. The participants assume the role of CLO and have to create a business plan for learning in Round 1 and make mid-year revisions to the plan in Round 2. The  Learning Manager Simulation was jointly developed by Dave Vance and Tata Interactive Systems (TIS).  Dave Vance facilitates.

Price: $10,000 for the one-day workshop with simulation plus travel & related and handout reproduction costs. Most clients prefer a second half-day or full-day session to apply several of the concepts from the previous day’s workshop to their own organization. The concepts may be selected in advance or determined after the first day. Most common requests include how to achieve strategic alignment, create a business case, develop a business plan, create a governance structure, and create a measurement & evaluation plan. Pricing is $12,500 for the 1.5 day workshop with simulation and $15,000 for the 2 day workshop with simulation. Sponsor provides computers (one PC for every 2-3 participants). Special pricing is available for universities and for ASTD chapters.

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High Impact Learning Workshop

Jointly offered by Dave Vance and Bersin & Associates, this two-day workshop combines the research and consulting experience of Bersin & Associates with the CLO for a Day with The Learning Manager to significantly improve the business acumen, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization’s leadership team. By the end of the second day, the leadership team will have an actionable plan to address their top two or three greatest opportunities for improvement. The two-day workshop is jointly facilitated by Dave Vance and a senior Bersin associate with preparation and prework provided by Bersin & Associates.

Price: Depends on amount of prework required and how the two days are structured.

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