Consulting Services

Dave provides a variety of consulting services to organizations to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, launch or re-launch a corporate university, or simply discuss and share best practices.

Areas of expertise include the following

  • Starting a corporate university
  • Strategically aligning learning to the organization’s goals
  • Developing a compelling business case for the investment in learning
  • Creating a comprehensive business plan for learning
  • Governance (creation and use of governing bodies, roles and responsibilities)
  • Organizational structure (centralized , decentralized or hybrid)
  • Funding models
  • Measurement and evaluation strategy
  • Execution strategy
  • Application of economic and business principles to learning
  • Organization Training

A consulting engagement is typically planned through several phone conferences. The goals, deliverables and pricing are summarized in a proposal. The engagement may be for a one day to a week or more depending on the need.

Engagements generally begin with a meeting between Dave and the CLO or VP of Training followed by a meeting with the leadership team or individual interviews with leadership team members. These initial meetings serve to identify or better understand the most important issues facing the learning organization. Following agreement on the issues to be addressed, a workout session is often used to develop recommendations and craft a detailed action plan.

Pricing is $3,750 for the first day and $2,500 per day afterwards, plus travel and related expenses. Generally, there is no charge for time spent traveling. North American flights are booked economy class with other flights booked business class. Lower pricing may be available for certain nonprofit and government organizations.