The Business of Learning (Second Edition) By David Vance

The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve the Bottom Line (Second Edition)

By David Vance

The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve the Bottom Line (Second Edition) is now available on this site. See below to order.

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The Business of Learning (Second Edition) The Business of Learning provides the most comprehensive treatment available on the topics of running learning like a business. Not only does it provide significantly more detail than others on topics like business fundamentals, strategic alignment, governance and the business case for learning, it describes in detail how to create a business plan for learning, including a 42-page sample plan. It also breaks new ground by applying economics to learning to answer questions about program selection, size and duration, as well as the effects of scale on cost. The book contains over 180 tables and figures to clearly illustrate the concepts, some of which are available online as templates. The book also provides detailed checklists, time lines, scorecards, sample meeting agendas, and templates – everything needed to actually implement all the recommendations. The Business of Learning describes in detail how to:

  • Strategically align learning to your organization’s goals
  • Develop a compelling business case for the investment in learning
  • Create a comprehensive business plan for learning
  • Execute the business plan with discipline
  • Craft the appropriate measurement and evaluation strategy
  • Select and implement the best governance, funding and organizational structures

The second edition also fully integrates Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRp), and industry-let effort to bring standards and best practices to the field of L&D.

In addition, all the necessary business fundamentals are fully explained and illustrated with real-world examples.

Some key results for you and your organization from applying the book’s principles:

  • Learning becomes an indispensable, strategic partner in achieving the organization’s goals
  • Learning is directed towards the highest priority goals of the organization and delivers the greatest possible value for the investment.
  • The costs of learning will be fully understood and managed
  • Learning will be run efficiently with optimum program selection, course duration and number of participants.
  • A discipline process is created to ensure that planned results are delivered and that performance is continually enhanced.
  • The credibility of the learning function will grow.

The Business of Learning (Second Edition) is 602 pages in hardback.

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Sample Business Plan for Learning

The 42-page Sample Business Plan for Learning from Appendix B is available if you would like to use it as a template or starting point for your won business plan. It is available as a PDF file and as a Word document.

Download the Sample Business Plan for Learning (PDF File)

Download the Sample Business Plan for Learning (Word File)

Download the tables from the Sample Business Plan for Learning (Excel File)

Business Case Templates

Download a detailed business case template with much more detail than shown in chapter 5. This includes calculations for development, delivery and opportunity costs.

Download the Business Case Template (Excel File)

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