Computer Simulations

Manage Learning LLC and Tata Interactive Systems have jointly developed a unique, computer-based simulation to significantly increase the business acumen of learning professionals by putting participants in the role of CLO . To our knowledge it is the only computer-based simulation currently available for manage training.

Participants in The Learning Manager Simulation assume the role of CLO and are confronted with real-world issues every CLO faces like

  • Which learning programs should we undertake?
  • How long should the programs be?
  • How much should we invest in them?
  • How do we best allocate our budget and staff?
  • What revisions should we make to the plan as the year unfolds?

Participants are given multiple corporate and L&D objectives, employee demographics, a variety of learning programs along with projected costs and benefits, a budget and limited staff.  Computer-based teams of 2-3 participants then compete to discover the strategies that best address the issues listed above. Team scores are based on measures of effectiveness and efficiency.

The simulation has two 90 minute rounds:

  • Round 1:  Create a Business Plan for Learning to support the goals of the organization using the concepts of strategic alignment, business planning, total costs, the economics of learning, estimates and forecasts, net benefits and ROI.
  • Round 2:  Revise the Business Plan for Learning at midyear to deliver planned results using the concepts of scorecards, tradeoffs, scale, fixed and variable costs as well as total costs, net benefits and ROI.

The simulation is typically used as part of the one-day workshop. However, it can be used by two-three person teams working synchronously outside the workshop setting or asynchronously by individuals in various locations. Knowledge of some basic learning and economic concepts is recommended. A detailed, color 15-page user’s manual with screen shots is available to explain and facilitate the simulation when it is employed outside the workshop setting.

The simulation is intended for learning and HR professionals below the CLO level who manage programs or staff. It is suitable for intact groups or open enrollment. The simulation is appropriate for both learning managers in business organizations and students in graduate-level university programs in Human Capital Development.

The organizational goals, learning programs, employee demographics, costs, benefits and other aspects of the simulation can be customized for a particular organization.

Learn more about The Learning Manager Simulation  (used in conjunction with the Learning Manager Workshop)